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Quantum Healing

Reconnect to the magic and power of your imagination, the wisdom of your body and the gifts you brought to the planet

Quantum Healing Sessions
(QHHT™ – Beyond Quantum Healing – past life regressions)

A guided journey that helps you to enter a deeply relaxed state, allowing you to connect with the part of you that knows all and understands the journey and lessons of your soul, often referred to as the Higher Self.

These journeys can help you connect to your imagination and intuition and receive answers around the questions you have in life at the moment, as well as access your self-healing capabilities and knowledge about your life path. Our aim during these sessions is to help you receive healing for the soul on all levels: physical, emotional and mental.

Experiencing a session can help to bring your inner and outer worlds more into balance. My role during the experience is to creatively serve as an intuitive guide into and through this mind state, asking questions that assist you in receiving and understanding the messages, metaphors, visions and healing that comes through you.
Every thing in our world first had to be imagined, so it can be incredibly liberating to reconnect with the infinite interior spaces in a safe and assisted way. A session, including talks before and after, takes around 3 to 4 hours.

Why I love this method: This method of energy healing puts you in the driver's seat - you're seeing and feeling the messages, you are receiving the answers flowing through yourself, you are actively experiencing the process.

About me

I am Olivia and I enjoy discovering the different directions our creativity, curiosity and imagination can take us: Whether that is in meditative states, during design processes and drawing, in creating new shapes with our bodies, putting sweet melodies together or coming up with recipes.

Experiencing quantum healing journeys during a period of my life when I was feeling lost really enabled me to reconnect to the multi-faceted experience of the soul and to move forward with a greater sense of freedom. Since then, I have been able to see incredible changes in my life and in the lives of people around me – and I want to assist anyone who is ready for the next steps in their journey as well!

I grew up equal parts in the United States and Germany, and have also lived for extended periods of time in Cornwall, England, and Chiapas, Mexico. Currently, I am based in Berlin where I have been for the last nine years.

I have received training from amazing teachers in the realms of art, design, energy work, shamanism, yoga, permaculture, cooking, herbalism, and natural building processes; and I continue to further my knowledge and satisfy my curiosity in these areas daily.

You can find more details on who I learned with, as well as read many testimonials here.

Olivia Sayward
Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany & online

Olivia Sayward outside in Berlin
Photo of the room used for quantum sessions.
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Quantum Healing
Hypnosis Session

€ 315
in person (QHHT) or online (BQH), around 4 hours
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  • A guided journey using visualization to enter a deep and relaxed trance-state that helps you connect with the all-knowing, healing part of you ("Higher Self") and your soul’s path.

    Some people have heard of this referred to as a "past life regression", but the experience can also include going into memories, future lives, animal/elemental lives, lives on other planets, or receiving healing around significant events such as births or deaths during the current life. Your soul knows exactly what is most important for you to experience.

    I draw on my experience and knowledge from holding QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique - from Dolores Cannon) sessions as well as from courses in shamanic healing, Beyond Quantum Healing, and Introspective Hypnosis from Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman.
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Quantum Healing
Follow Up Session

€ 270
in person (QHHT) or online (BQH), around 4 hours
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  • This is for clients coming back for a another session.

    A guided journey using visualization to enter a deep and relaxed trance-state that helps you connect with the all-knowing, healing part of you ("Higher Self") and your soul’s path.

    Some people have heard of this referred to as a "past life regression", but the experience can also include going into memories, future lives, animal/elemental lives, lives on other planets, or receiving healing around significant events such as births or deaths during the current life.

    Using experience and knowledge from holding QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique - from Dolores Cannon) sessions as well as from courses in shamanic healing, Beyond Quantum Healing, and Introspective Hypnosis from Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman.
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Crystal & Reiki

€ 90
in person, 1 hour
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  • After an initial 15-minute chat about your current themes in life I figure out which parts of your body or which chakras need some attention.

    I use techniques I've learned in in-person courses of reiki and shamanism in Berlin, as well as Transpersonal Crystal Healing™, and place crystals on the different energy centers of your body to aid in the process.
    This is a very soothing, relaxing experience in which you can just lay down, receive and relax.

    Afterwards I let you know which of the energy centers in your body were flowing well and which were blocked, as well as if any certain messages or information came through during the clearing and charging of them.

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What people are saying about working with me

My guided quantum healing experience with Olivia was exactly what I needed in a time of uncertainty with myself and life in general. It gave me the insight into a deeper version of who I am and who I used to be. I went into the experience with zero expectations and only a slight understanding of what a past-life regression really was. I kept my mind and heart open for whatever was to occur, and I believe that allowed me to have the best journey possible. Olivia does a lovely job getting to know you before guiding you through the inward journey. Her presence is nurturing and welcoming and her voice is soothing as you enter the trance-like state of being. I would absolutely recommend a past-life regression to anyone! I constantly refer to mine when I come to times in my life where I need to reconnect with the core of who I am or understand what my soul has already experienced. We are all here to grow.

"I am very grateful that I got to have a QHHT healing session with Olivia. She has a great ability to lead your mind to a peaceful place and once there will guide you through a journey brought about by your own intuitive abilities to receive information from a wider body of knowledge. For me I was able to contextualise my life by having the experience of reliving memories from a future and a past life, showing me exactly how my joys and struggles relate to a higher structure of which I seem to be a part. The session also allowed me to accept a family member whose actions had put me in a spiral of self-pity and anger. This has been instrumental in improving my mental health in the last few months. It feels like a veil that I carried for years has been allowed to pass. It was an empowering experience and I would absolutely book Olivia for another session if I find myself in a difficult spot in the future, she’s the best!"

On the 9th of June 23, I had a session with Olivia. It was a fantastic/precious/ beautiful deep healing session. I found myself right away into a deep hypnotic transe. Olivia owns great skills and tools to drive the session perfectly for a real understanding, healing and recovery. The exploration was amazing, beyond what I could expect. She is very loving and caring. I came with some questions, unsolved situations of my life and we could bring a clear and definite answer to all of them. The energy that day was so powerful.I can tell that this session brought me to a next level in my life. I felt after the session that deep in me, in my body and mind things are moving, changing, evolving, and still are…Merci Olivia for the beautiful soul that you are !!

“Olivia was incredibly attentive and gentle. She gave a lot of space for me to express which made me feel very comfortable. I found the hypnoses very well lead and felt very relaxed considering that it was my first time.
The session was engaging, insightful and healing, I will definitely pursue hypnosis therapy more thanks to this great first session!
After the session itself I felt quite disorientated but the day later I felt lighter and more in touch with myself. A huge thank you to Olivia!”

“Olivia led me through which turned out to be a very insightful session. We began with a long talk where I shared various experiences in my life, and then we went over some questions I desired clarity for.
Olivia has a very calming presence and voice as well, and I think this helped me relax.
During the session, I had a fairly vivid past life visit, followed by a somewhat incredible future life visit, which I suppose my subconscious led me to, with Olivia's assistance.
Overall it was a great experience with Olivia.”

“Olivia is a down to earth, calming, wise presence. She creates a space that feels welcoming, meaningful, and loving. I had never done a shamanic healing session before, and she made me feel completely comfortable and walked me through the process.
She was able to tune into images of my past that I had forgotten about and helped me process them after. She truly makes you feel seen, heard, and cared for. I highly recommend her along your journey and look forward to working with her again.”

“The mix of feeling completely listened to and understood and not at all judged made my session with Olivia one of a kind. You don't really know what it feels like to have someone holding pure space for you until you don't experience it. There is definitely something magical about what happened during the session and a lot of releases occurred for me. One of the things I appreciate the most was the genuine care that she had for me, before, during, and after the session. This factor allowed me to really opened up and confess secrets that I was keeping deep inside of me for years. If you want to have a real breakthrough I HIGHLY recommend giving yourself the gift of a session with Olivia.”

Olivia’s presence spoke to me immediately, and as soon as I learned that she does regression sessions I wanted to explore it with her. It’s been a topic of interest for a few years for me that somehow I wasn’t actively pursuing.She’s been absolutely caring throughout with great communication. I felt really safe in her hands and amazed by how easily and quickly she got me into this powerful trance like state. Her space is full of magic just like she is, and she took great care throughout, including after the experience. If you’re hesitating - don’t! I fully recommend this powerful yet gentle lady, you’ll learn so much about yourself and your life! Her great intuition will also help you get the most out of the experience, as she asks all the right questions. Honestly cannot recommend enough.

“I had a wonderful healing session with Olivia, which has continued to resonate in me as I listen back to the answers we received. I have had many deep and knotty questions that I've been unable to get answers for, held on for the past decade or so, and Olivia's mastery of setting and holding the space for them to be revealed was both easy and profound. I recommend her work highly, as it depends on one's own wellspring of intelligence, and isn't imposing an external belief system on me. Olivia leads gently and expertly and I highly recommend her work.”

An elaborate mandala of cacao pods, leaves, and creative utensils

Workshops in Berlin

Quantum healing, plants, art and cacao can help us connect with the Earth and a higher power, as well as enhance our creativity and feelings of love and connection. I offer workshops to help us tap into our creative power – they are around different themes as well as forms of creative practice to reconnect us with our creative energy, imagination and facilitate new ideas.

I offer these workshops in Berlin or while traveling – join the group to find out when they next one will be held!

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Q: Why "quantum"?
The term "quantum" in QHHT and BQH refers to the idea that during the session, the person is able to tap into a higher level of consciousness, beyond their individual self, and access a universal consciousness. This is believed to be a state of pure energy and potential, where healing can take place on a deep level.

Q: Am I going to see or experience something that I might not want to?
No! Your Higher Self won’t show you anything you’re not ready for or can’t handle. It will help you with the themes that are most relevant in your life at this present moment.

Q:  Is it possible to have a QHHT session in English or German if it isn’t my first language?
Yes – I’ve held sessions with people who’s mother tongue was not English or German and it worked well! The information that comes through is often received as intuitive images, senses or feelings, so the language doesn’t play as large a role in you receiving what you need to know or feel. Speaking during the guided part of the session helps me to ask the right questions, but you will receive the messages and energies that are most beneficial for you in any case.

Q: What else can QHHT or quantum healing modalities help with?
Emotional, spiritual or physical healing. Stress or anxiety reduction, release of fears, connecting with the higher self/subconscious, aligning more with one’s purpose, receiving answers around why we are here and who we truly are.

Q: What are the benefits of doing a session in the same physical location vs. online?
Whether we are in the same space or not does not change the effectiveness of the session. Some people feel more comfortable being in their own home or bed, as that helps them relax more. Another benefit to that is that you won't need to travel after the session and have the food or drink you enjoy readily available. Other people feel more safe being in the same physical space, enjoy entering a room prepared for the experience, or the more ritualistic aspects of receiving tea, hugs and nurture. Both have their benefits!

Q:  Is there anything I need to do to prepare or bring with?
Yes! Please bring 10-20 questions with – they can be around any area of your life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, curiosities that have happened to you, close relationships. If you aren't able to come up with that many questions we will discover some in our pre-talk in any case.
Eat a good breakfast or meal beforehand, and also bring a little snack with to help you ground after the session. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and drugs beforehand. It can be helpful to have a regular meditation practice going – this helps to easily get into the right headspace.

Q:  What about for an online session?
Make sure you will have privacy and a quiet space, a comfortable space to lie down or recline in, and turn off your phone or put it in airplane mode without wifi. Check that you have a good internet connection, headphones, and have activated your video and microphone. Set your space with anything that helps you feel nurtured and relaxed, and have a pen and notebook ready in case you want to take any notes afterwards.

Q: How many sessions do you recommend?
I personally feel drawn to receiving sessions every couple of years, when enough new or old questions around life have arisen for me again. But in general you could do this as often as twice a year if you wanted to. What is important in any energetic work, however, is to let your body and physical world catch up with the work - so it is essential to first let the information integrate for awhile, as well as act upon it, before entering theses spaces again. I also recommend doing energetic work with different people, as each person brings their own kind of magic to the process. I do offer a discount to people who return for another session though!

Q: I really feel called to work with you, but I currently don't have all the resources. Are there other options?
As a quantum healing facilitator, I want to be of service in a way that is accessible to all walks of life. We are all abundant in different ways, and I understand that it is not always in the financial area. We also live in a world where countries have vastly different economic situations. If you have a strong pull to work with me, we can negotiate something that works well for both of us. That being said, If I myself am in a time of needing more financial fluidity, I may initially prioritise paid work.
I also love and enjoy fair trades (for example at the moment: massages and bodywork, organic 100 % cacao, vocal/singing coaching, a tantra workshop, financial advice, beautiful tattoos, car mechanics teaching, construction skills).

Q: Can you give me an invoice for the session?
Yes, I can provide you with an invoice for the quantum sessions or design consultation presented in a way that you can deduct it from your taxes (German system or otherwise).

Any other questions? Feel free to email me here.
Check out videos about everything on my youtube channel